Introduction of „LabRisk“ Laboratory of Risk Research and Management is a laboratory of applied research located at the Faculty of Safety Engineering of VSB-Technical University of Ostrava. It deals with several aspects of industrial and environmental risks. In the domain of industrial risks, main topics are major accident prevention, emergency preparedness and risk communication, safety management systems and occupation health and safety. Both chronic and acute environmental risks are studied, i.e. natural hazards, environmental pollution and related risks and polluted sites remediation. LabRisk serves as an inter-university centre of multidisciplinary oriented applied research in the domain of risks for faculties of VSB-TUO, other universities and research institutions and governmental organisation and provides service in risk analysis and management for different industrial enterprises, municipalities and regions. LabRisk team has run or participated in several national and international research projects (programmes EUREKA!, INCO Copernicus, CRAFT, GACR) as well as in bilateral and multilateral programs of cooperation (Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Tempus, Copirtech, Cocop).